Have you ever been to a Christian conference?

If you have, it can throw off your very perception of what church, conferences, and prayer meetings are all about.

A little church history is in order for you to understand what I’m about to tell you when I share my experience at the Kay Nash conference in Palm Beach Gardens on January 15, 2022.


The Azusa Street Revival occurred in the good old US of A (Las Angeles, CA) on April 9, 1906, led by a black preacher, William Seymour. The man of God and nine others prayed earnestly, waiting for a manifestation of God’s presence.

They got what they asked for in a way that was unprecedented in history. It was like a mighty earthquake as earth-shattering light hit the room; the power of God was so great it knocked all seven men out of their chairs and onto the floor.*

The men got up, speaking in tongues and shouting loud praises to God. News spread fast about what happened, and people started showing at the broken-down little building that used to be an African Methodist Church on Bonnie Brae street in droves.

Seymour received the baptism of the Holy Spirit, as did many others (the initial evidence being the praying in diverse tongues)** and folks from all over saw miracles, deliverance from oppression, and received themselves the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

This manifestation began the widespread Pentecostal movement of the 1900s and is referred to in church history as “charismata” or “charisma” (Greek for “favor freely given” or “gift of grace”). This Charismatic method of worship, praise, and seeking God has transcended racial and denominational barriers and is still far-reaching and in effect today.

Now that you’re caught up on the history of one of the most significant “church conferences” to ever occur on American soil, let’s talk about the Kay Nash prophetic conference that occurs in January every year in Florida.

Kay Nash

Okay, so, before we get into the conference itself, you may be wondering who the heck is Kay Nash?

If you’re a church history nut like myself, then you know about the unique aspect of the American church where women from humble backgrounds are used greatly by God, such as Amee Simple McPherson, Maria Woodworth Etter, Kathryn Kuhlmann, or more presently today, Marilyn Hickey, Joyce Meyer and Paula White.

Kay Nash (born under a different name that I couldn’t find unless rewatching thousands of videos) is a social media personality that has been in ministry for several years. Her specific office in the fivefold ministry model is considered “Prophet,” a fact that becomes clear if you watch a couple of her YouTube videos.

Kay has published several books as well (you can find them on Amazon or Kaynashministries.com), which includes titles such as “How to Hear from God,” and “Discerning Spirits: The Next Revival.”

A former resident of New York City and the daughter of a single mother, Kay comes from humble beginnings that are laced with a determination to succeed, working at as young as 14 years of age and sometimes three jobs at a time as she matured. Her mind set on not suffering from poverty as her mother had, Kay majored and was later employed in media where she was reasonably successful.

Then God. Becoming a Christian vastly toppled Kay’s life on its ear as she was ripped from the comfort of her chosen profession (that involved a great deal of deception and gaslighting of the general public, according to Kay) and suffered years of living hand to mouth as she learned to hear from God, gained an understanding of her calling and laid the groundwork for the ministry she operates in today.

Kay considers herself a Prophetess and servant of the most high God, an educator of prophets (not unlike the concept of the school of prophets mentioned in the Old Testament), and takes her responsibility to help God’s people be free seriously. As such, Kay holds a Prophetic Women’s conference every year in Florida where women from all over the United States (and a few from outside the borders) come to receive instruction, prayer, healing, induction into ministry, or just to hear from God.

The Conference

Now that you have the history and know a bit about Kay Nash, you’ll understand our experience at this year’s Prophetic Women’s Conference themed “Emergence.” At seventy dollars per ticket and held in beautiful Palm Springs Gardens, Florida, this one-day conference was an excellent opportunity to get away from the bitter cold of the midwest as well as experience God in a refreshing way.

To give you an idea of what Kay says that God is telling us with this theme, here is a quote from her email and Facebook page regarding the conference…

“Prophetic Word-Elijah Leaders Emerging. This will be a time where many who prophesy in my name will be exalted. They will move up and not down. They will see the unseen realm deeper and deal with things I want them to deal with.

They will run and not grow weary as they mount up on Me and see from my view. (Isaiah 40:31 ref)

They will be like Elijah performing miracles and expanding my Kingdom. My leaders will expand and emerge from caves that keep them stuck. They have been in training. I have not wasted the cave!”

Kay Nash – Facebook Page

The conference opened with an immediate altar call as Kay arrived in an all-white suit and heels, calling all women dressed in white as she was up to the altar for prayer.

There she began the ministry practice of “laying on of hands,” where she prayed for several seekers, some giving a profound and moving prophetic word, skipping entirely over others, or just touching a few to speak a quick blessing. Many were “slain” in the Spirit at the altar; some were weeping, while others received what was said or inferred with joy.

The audience of onlookers would sometimes mechanically applaud as if there was a hidden “clap” sign that they alone could see. In contrast, others celebrated in pure appreciation and reverence of God’s wonders.

There were probably eight alter calls altogether, mixed in with Kay’s teaching message for the women that included topics stewardship and wealth, discerning of spirits, and the meaning of the “emergence” theme with instructions on how to do so in the year 2022.

The Prayer

I can honestly say the power of God was present at this conference and that several women that came expecting something from God received answers, direction, or deliverance during the alter calls. Unorthodox in many traditional settings, for those with charismatic roots, it was a right at home feel as God’s care for His people was prioritized higher than convenience, comfort, or showmanship. It was all about God’s love, and quite honestly, it was a beautiful thing to see.

The only con that I have to mention about this portion of the conference is that several women were passed over multiple times (including myself) with no word of explanation or encouragement. This methodology’s main flaw is that it can leave people feeling rejected or questioning their identity in God. My encouragement to Kay would be to either increase the number of those praying for others at the altar (something she only did during the deliverance altar call) or have others that work with her go through the audience, meeting those with raised hands where they are, praying for them in that fashion.

The Teaching

The teaching and message spoken between altar calls was biblically accurate with several references to Gods word. Kay covered building and retaining wealth, understanding what discernment is and how to operate in it concerning demonic entities, and giving a full explanation of what God meant by “emergence” – illustrated by a caterpillar emerging from a cocoon an evolved creation of God, changed and positioned for purpose in the best of ways. The balance of that understanding being, while God loves us all and purposes for us to do great things, what He wants and what happens can vastly differ if we allow certain barriers to hold us back from emerging fully. Disobedience, the wrong crowd, and spiritual apathy were a few barriers named, and yes, scripture references were given to support the teaching.

The only con I could see regarding the teaching is that, as a person operating in the fivefold as a teacher, it was clear to me that this was not Kay’s office nor her gift. That said, there were several times that a less seasoned Christian could have gotten lost or been confused by her choice of wording, as well as specific phrases she uttered often such as, “Girl…” when referring to women. Women of color (generation x’ers and boomers) have a long history of offense with the word “girl” – a phrase used in a demeaning and degrading way towards black women from the days of slavery until what is considered a very recent civil rights movement historically. However, the Spirit is subject to the prophet that He is working through; thus, her personality and character shine along with His work of restoring and ministering to God’s people.

That said, Kay would benefit greatly from continuing as she is as there is no real fix for this. She is a willing vessel, and the need for what she does is tremendous in the body of Christ. Sadly, some may grow offended. Some may unfollow her due to that offense. Still and all, she has a job to do and cannot allow that to deter her from it. Jesus offended many as He taught and healed the masses. The benefit of the ministry far outweighs the con of a few people walking away offended. However, I hope that she and her staff pray for those that may do so, knowing how our enemy operates and that even the most seasoned of Christians can fall into the trap of offense and unforgiveness.

The Crowd (audience)

It was wonderful seeing such a diverse group of women gathered together, seeking to hear from the most High. There were only a few cons here that unfortunately simply cannot be avoided when you are dealing with imperfect people that come needing help from our perfect and infallible God.

I mentioned before the times where many would clap as if they were at a stage performance of Hamilton or some other Broadway play, trivializing the great and beautiful work that transpired as people were set free from bondage, given second chances, or provided direction and deliverance. God is not a show and should never be treated as one. Sadly, where you have young, hurting Christians, that type of display of irreverence can be expected. My only suggestion to Kay here is to consider teaching before the alter calls quickly on what is to be anticipated, how God is to be revered, and the best ways to show that reverence during these times. While her ministry isn’t necessarily “teaching,” she has the great TEACHER, the Spirit of Christ, operating in her. He will give her the words to say and how best to convey that message before the work begins.

Another con of the crowd was the attention seekers. A man was there (and yes, it was a women’s conference) with a shofar horn and would blow it at inopportune times during the altar calls or teachings. It served to be a distraction and got outright annoying by the end of the conference. Again, people are hurting and imperfect; therefore, such displays can be known to occur. Kay continued to minister as one should. In the future however, she may consider a disclaimer on her conference page that explains the atmosphere she is trying to maintain during these sessions and suggest other, less distracting methods of fellow attendees rejoicing with those receiving what they need from God.

Overall, I enjoyed the conference and loved seeing so many women of God from all walks of life, ethnicities, and religious backgrounds converge in one place to glorify the most High. It was beautiful and an honor to be in His presence as He moved amongst us, touching those needing Him and showing His great love for daughters that have been broken, mishandled, and misrepresented by the world.

While I can honestly say I may not attend next year, I strongly encourage those needing a God encounter and refreshing in their lives to add it to their travel plans for January 2023. If for no other reason than to enjoy the mild temperatures of Florida in January as well as imbibe in a diverse selection of foods, the trip will be well worth taking. Add in a God experience that you may walk away from forever changed for the good? Now, that is what I call an excellent investment!


Supporting scriptures from the Bible are starred accordingly:

*Daniel 10:9-10, Acts 9:3-4

**Acts 2:4, Mark 16:17, 1 Corinthians 14:2 and 23

References for Kay Nash:

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Article written by: Chantay M Hadley

About the author: Chantay Hadley is the owner of MWCP&Media LLC, author of the Rumor Mill Series (Youth genre), Brainwaiver Universe Series (Pseudonym Chantay M James), The Hater’s Prayer (Pseudonym C. Marie Evans), and Who Broke My Daughter’s Alabaster Box (Pseudonym C. M. James). For more information about Chantay and her works, check out the sites listed below.

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