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Netflix’s “Don’t Look Up”… with a Faith-based twist

A movie based on truly possible events.

I’ve never read a tagline so true. This was a great movie. This was a thought provoking movie. This was a scary movie!!!!

Why was this movie scary?

This movie was scary because it realistically portrayed what our society has become in great detail.

In the words of the not so good witch Glenda from “Wicked”

“Celebrated heads of state

Or ‘specially great communicators

Did they have brains or knowledge?

Don’t make me laugh!

They were popular!”

– Not So Good Witch Glenda

From the beginning of time, we as humans have demanded a popular figure to look to instead of God. All the way back to the first King that was demanded from God.

How one can demand something from God while rejecting God is beyond me. That’s just one more example of how delusional humans can be.

In this movie, the leaders of several nations urge the world to embrace the planet-killing comet hurtling towards earth in order to gamble with all life as we know it for profit.

Society has become so desensitized to the ugliness of greed that it chooses to embrace it. Instead of destroying what would most certainly be a planet killer, decision makers give in to the temptation of riches.

Over and over again, we reject God in favor of the ugliness that is human nature while demanding He give us a Saul, and every time, our Sauls fail us.

Instead of looking to God, we look to our kings, which is dangerous. When we put our faith in humans over God, we redefine good and evil.

The people had so much faith in their governments that they allowed them to gamble with their lives. Not so they themselves could profit. So that their elected rulers could add to their ever growing pile of money. Very similar to how the people of Israel chose to sacrifice their land, food, and lives. This is an example of putting faith in flawed humans over the creator. No matter how many times God has saved us, our society somehow finds a way to give humans love and worship while shunning God.

If this movie doesn’t wake the delusional from their slumber, I honestly don’t know what will. Many claim that this “satire film” didn’t have enough satire. That alone tells you how sadly realistic this movie is. The events in this movie are not only possible, they are also plausible.

If that doesn’t scare the pants off you…it should!!


P.S. Although we like to keep things family friendly here. This is not a movie for the whole family. I advise 13+. Also the trailer is below.